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Jamie Barnes offers a freelance curatorial service working with galleries, museums and temporary exhibition spaces to develop, deliver and hang exhibitions. He also works with individual artists to help ensure their exhibited work is accessible and engaging to its audience.

I have 25 years curatorial experience of working in galleries, museums and cultural organisations. In that time I have hung over 300 exhibitions. I am available on a freelance basis, contracted on a project or hourly basis, for the following:

Hanging exhibitions – I offer a complete service including arranging, hanging, fixing and label making - ensuring that the work is displayed to its full potential. I am experienced in hanging exhibitions/displays in a wide variety of settings both formal and informal.

Exhibition development – I am experienced in working with museums to help develop exhibitions, from ideas stage through to completion. 

Curating your personal collection – I offer a service and advice to people who want to rehang their art collections in their own homes or businesses.  


Artist development – I can advise and support artists who are building a body of work and are wanting to take the first steps in approaching galleries and selling spaces.


I can provide further information and examples of my curatorial experience on request. Please contact me if you have a project you would like to discuss 

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