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  • Jamie Barnes

Etsy Makers Market, Lowther Castle

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

On June 15th 2019 I attended the first ever Etsy Cumbria Makers Market. There is a new Etsy Cumbria team which has been formed by Helen Antrobus, who is an amazing candle maker. The event was held in Lowther Castle which is a beautiful place with an amazing history. Just Google Lowther Castle and the Yellow Earl and the amazing historical story will all unfold. We were outside in the courtyard in specially made gazebos next to the café - which are a work of art in themselves. It was a great weekend and loads of people came. The weather was a bit changy and challenging especially when it got windy, but it was all fun and we are hoping to do it again in the Winter - hopefully inside this time!

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